B.Tech : Electrical

Eligiblity :
Semester I
Code Subjects
 BF1   Mathematics I
 BF2   Chemistry
 BF3   English for Communication
 BF4   Electrical Technology
 BF5   Mechanics
 BF6   Introduction to Manufacturing Process
Semester II
Code Subjects
 BF7   Mathematics - II
 BF8   Applied Physics
 BF9   Programming and Data Structure
 BF10   Basic Electronics
 BF11   Engineering Drawing and Graphics
 BF12   Environmental Studies
Semester III
Code Subjects
 BSE1   Mathematics-III
 BSE2   Thermodynamics
 BSE3   Signals & Networks
 BSE4   Digital Electronics
 BSE5   Electrical Machine
Semester IV
Code Subjects
 BSE6   Society, Environment, Engineering
 BSE7   Electronic Devices & Circuit
 BSE8   Analog Electronic Circuit
 BSE9   Electromagnetic Theory & Appl
 BSE10   Electrical Measurement I
Semester V
Code Subjects
 BTE1   Computer Organization
 BTE2   Control System
 BTE3   Power Systems
 BTE4   Electrical Measurement - II
 BTE5   Advanced Electrical Machines
Semester VI
Code Subjects
 BTE6   Power Electronics & Devices
 BTE7   Digital Signal Processing
 BTE8   Micro - Processor
 BTE9   Advance Power System & Design
 BTE10   Industrial Economics & Management
Semester VII
Code Subjects
 BEE1   Switchgear & Protection
 BEE2   Utilization Of Electrical Power
 BEE3   Communication Engineering
 BEE4   Electronics Instrumentation
 BEE5-I   EHV Transmission
 BEE5-II   Power System Reliability
 BEE5-III   Illumination Engineering
 BEE5-IV   High Voltage Engineering
 BEE1P   Switchgear & Protection Practical
 BEE4P   Electronics Instrumentation Practical
Semester VIII
Code Subjects
 BEE6   Machine Drives
 BEE7   Design & Estimation Of Electrical System
 BEE8   Electrical Machine design
 BEE9   Project
 BEE6P   Machine drives