M.Tech : Mechanical

Mechanical 2 Years
Semester I
Code Subjects
 MTME01   Machine Vibration Analysis
 MTME02   Advanced Mechanics of Solids
 MTME03   Concurrent Engineering
 MTME04   Management of Technology
 MTME05P-I   Machine Vibration Analysis Practical
Semester II
Code Subjects
 MTME06   Applied Elasticity and Plasticity
 MTME07   Finite Elements Methods in Engineering
 MTME08   Mechanical Estimating & Costing
 MTME09   Materials Management & Materials Costing
 MTME10P-I   Mechanical Estimating & Costing Practicals
Semester III
Code Subjects
 MTME11   Jig and Fixtures Design
 MTME12   Mechatronics
 MTME13   Industrial Automation
 MTME14   Quality Control and Reliability Engineering
 MTME15P-I   Jig and Fixtures Design Practical
Semester IV
Code Subjects
Mechanical Design
Code Subjects
 MTME16A1   Thermal System Design
 MTME16A2   Design of Machinery
 MTME16A3   Mechanical Engineering Design
 MTME16A4   Project
Production Technology
Code Subjects
 MTME16B1   Metal Forming Technology
 MTME16B2   Machine Tool Design
 MTME16B4   Project
Thermal Engineering
Code Subjects
 MTME16C1   Advanced Thermodynamics
 MTME16C2   Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technology
 MTME16C3   Steam and Gas Turbines
 MTME16C4   Project