M.Tech : Electrical

Electrical 2 Years
Semester I
Code Subjects
 MTEE01   Machine Drives
 MTEE02   Power Electronic Converter
 MTEE03   Control Theory
 MTEE04   EHV Transmission
 MTEE05P-I   Machine Drives Practical
Semester II
Code Subjects
 MTEE06   Electrical sub station Engineering & Practices
 MTEE07   Power Electronics
 MTEE08   Electrical Design, Esitimating and Costing
 MTEE09   Electrical Power System
 MTEE10P-I   Power Electronics Practicals
Semester III
Code Subjects
 MTEE11   Machine Analysis
 MTEE12   Optimal Control
 MTEE13   Advanced Control Theory
 MTEE14   Power System Protection
 MTEE15P-I   Optimal Control Practical
Semester IV
Code Subjects
Control & Instrumentation
Code Subjects
 MTEE16A1   Industrial Instrumentation and control
 MTEE16A2   Digital control and state variable methods
 MTEE16A3   Electronic Instrumetns and System
 MTEE16A4   Project
Power System Control
Code Subjects
 MTEE16B1   Electrical Power System Design
 MTEE16B2   Power System Analysis and Dynamics
 MTEE16B3   Power System Reliability
 MTEE16B4   Project